The appointment of the condominium trustee is mandatory in a condominium that is to say as soon as at least two owners of the same building or property share common parts (such as corridors, stairwells, roof, facade, traffic lanes of vehicles, lifts etc ...), the private parts they (ie the interior of housing, garages, cellars) remaining the domain of each co-owner.

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We have about 210 co-ownership trustees at the moment. Most of this park is located on Le Puy and its basin, but we are also present on the regions of Tence, Retournac, Dunieres, Langogne, Saint Paulien, Old Brioude, St. Agrève, Langogne ...


As trustee, we ensure the proper respect of the laws and regulations relating to the co-ownership. We update the mandatory legal documents. We organize the general meetings and execute the decisions voted on these occasions.


Our training in building technology gives the advantage to the co-owners of which we are trustee to have an enlightened eye on the different jobs to consider. Very present in the field and very concerned about the maintenance and development of the co-ownership, we have also created a partnership with a number of craftsmen who can intervene for the maintenance of everyday life (maintenance of the elevator, grilled bulb replacement, maintenance of the collective boiler ...) but also for more important works such as the repair of a facade, the waterproofness of a roof terrace or the renovation of a cage of staircase


If the short-term mission of the trustee is to ensure the smooth running of the co-ownership, the interest of a professional trustee is the medium and long term management of the condominium. GIBERT IMMOBILIER has therefore developed exclusive scorecards for monitoring expenses and their evolution, as well as a multi-year book of works and future work projects.
GIBERT IMMOBILIER distinguishes itself by the clarity of its accounts that it is about the general accounting of the co-ownership, the distribution of the common charges between co-owners, the follow-up of the treasury of the building or the follow-up of the litigation files of the co-owners who would not respect their homework.


The trustee divides his time between an office activity and his presence in the condominiums. A sales assistant is at your disposal at any time for any small problems or questions you may encounter.